Batteries - S3, S4 and S5 
S4 - Power frame Calcium Silver 
This Battery is for all modern vehicles, typically from 2000 onwards 
OE specification on post 2000 vehicles 
15% improved cold starting over S3 
97% vehicle coverage 
Electrical Demands; Medium electrical demand, same as S3 plus Air conditioning, heated seats, immobiliser, cruise control, engine management system 
Battery Power Frame Grid 
Provides optimised current paths 
Higher cranking/ starting power 
Longer battery Minimal Corrosion Life 
Batteries - S6 AGM 
Bosch supply a full range of high performance batteries for the differing needs of modern vehicles 
S3 - Power frame 
This battery is for older vehicles typically pre 2000 
OE specification on pre 2000 vehicles 
optional cold starting 
75% vehicle coverage 
Electrical demands; Low electrical demand, typically ABS, Heated rear screen, alarm, electric windows, mirrors and sunroof 
S5 - power frame Calcium silver 
This battery is for the latest 'high end' vehicles and those with large diesel engines 
Exceeds OE Specification 
30% improved cold starting over S3 
85% vehicle coverage 
Electrical Demands; High electrical demand same as for S3 and S4 plus parking sensors, climate control, trip computer, heated front windscreen, DVD player 
The Stop/start system places significant strain on the battery and other components due to increased number of vehicle starts. It is imperative that a suitable battery is fitted on vehicles with this application. Failure to install the correct battery can result in vehicle systems breakdown.  
You cannot replace an AGM battery with a conventional battery. 
The Bosch S6 AGM battery has specially designed for such application. 
Special glass mat seperators isolate and improves cyclic performance 
Acid is impregnated into glass mat seperator 
plates are kept under pressure 
Exceptional deep cyclic durability- 3 x more than standard 
High vibration resistance -increasing durability 
Superior cold cranking -up to 30% more than standard 
We were shortlisted down to the last three in the Independent Garage of the Year Award in 2008. 


MOT'S - Cars,Vans, Minibus' & Motorhomes 
SERVICING - all makes and models 
Diagnostics to dealer level 
Van Hire - UK & Europe 
Air conditioning -Regas, Servicing and Repairs 
Clutches, Tyres and Exhausts 
ECU's - Coding, software updates, adaptions 
Brakes and ABS, Discs, Pads, Calipers 


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