Braking systems    

Brake Discs 
High quality surface finish to reduce bedding in period and noise 
All vented discs are balanced at factory to ensure they run correctly on the vehicle 
Anti corrosion plating on many discs - improved appearance of alloy wheels and saves cleaning time for technician 
Casting manufacturing tolerances to OE Standards 
Heat groove acts as a thermal barrier reducing heat to the hub 
Brake Fluid 
Bosch Brake Fluid is made to the exact specification of OE brake fluid 
Neglecting the brake fluid in a vehicle is the quickest way of degrading an entire braking system 
Bosch recommend Brake Fluid to be changed at least every 2 years 
Bosch Brake Fluid Range Size 
Dot 3 250ml.1L 
Dot 4 250ml,500ml,1L,5L,20L,30L,60L 
Dot4+ 1L, 5L 
Dot4 Super 1L, 5L 
Dot4 HP 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L, 60L 
Dot5.1 500ml, 1L, 5L 
Bosch Pads Exceed ECE R90 Standards 
ECE R90 
Shear strength 
Pressure sensitivity 
Speed sensitivity 
Temperature sensitivity 
Compressibility (hot/cold) 
Thermal conductivity 
Brake judder 
Noise behaviour 
Wear behaviour (pad) 
Wear behaviour (disc) 
ECE R90 brake pads of different brands are not of equal quality just because they comply with ECE R90 regulations 
Wheel speed Sensor 
Safety critical component of the anti-locking braking system 
This is a sensing device for reading the speed of a vehicles wheel rotation. 
Vehicles equipped with ABS and/or electronic stability programme (ESP) are fitted with 4 wheel speed sensors. 
Why do they fail? 
Cable damage e.g due to overheating caused by constant heavy/emergency braking 
Plug connector broken or corroded 
Sensor head is fouled 
Cable length is not OE matching, causing cable to be stretched if too short or damaged due to contact with other components if left too long 
We were shortlisted down to the last three in the Independent Garage of the Year Award in 2008. 


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