Lambda Sensors   



Lambda Sensor Function 
One of the main elements used in controlling exhaust emissions in a gasoline engine 
Measures the oxygen content in the exhaust gases 
this generates a corresponding electrical signal that is sent to the engine management control unit (ECU) to adapt the air/fuel mixture accordingly 
Old lambda Sensor New Lambda Sensor 
Annual Mileage 1100 1100 
Av Fuel Consumption 30mpg 34.5mpg 
Annual fuel Consumption 1456 lt 1260 lt 
Price Per Litre** £1.30 £1.30 
Annual Fuel Costs £2167.10 £1881.10 
Annual Fuel Saving £286.00 
** based on average fuel price July 2012  
Original Equipment product 
Each unit is tested at full operating temperature 
Provides optimum fuel economy and emissions performance 
Lambda Sensor Function 
Features and Benefits 
Each sensor is 100% tested at full operating temperature 
The Dark coloured protective tube is tested to 1000oC 
Sensor body is stainless steel-laser welded and watertight 
Conductive anti seize compound is pre applied to sensor thread 
Patented double protective layer on sensor ceramic for precise operation 
We were shortlisted down to the last three in the Independent Garage of the Year Award in 2008. 


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ECU's - Coding, software updates, adaptions 
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