Air Conditioning Service  All Trans Autos Ltd are able to offer a complete Air conditioning service by qualified technicians.    

Air conditioning is an integral part of most modern motor vehicles. Its benefits are mainly experienced on hot days and cold winter days to demist the vehicle; Exactly the same as the rest of the car benefits from routine maintenance to keep it working as efficiently as possible. Each year air conditioning systems lose approximately 10% of their gas. 
It is for this reason most manufacturers recommend the air conditioning systems are serviced and regased every 2 years. 
Regasing and servicing the air conditioning system is not part of the routine vehicle service. 
Here at All Trans Autos Ltd we are able to offer re-gas, servicing and repairs of the air conditioning systems in cars, vans and motorhomes in Colchester. 
As a company we have invested in the training required by law which enables us to confidently carry out the maintenance required in accordance with current legislation. 
All Trans Autos Ltd are able to carry out nitrogen pressure tests on aircon systems to check for leaks in the system. 
We can carry out an Air Conditioning regas while you wait. The procedure involves removing the old gas and re-filling the system with new gas and oil as per your manufacturers recommendations. 
Air conditioning servicing includes a system regas. This procedure takes about 2 hours. The system is emptied of the gas, all the pipes are cleaned using antibacterial solution to remove bacterial build up from the system. A new pollen filter is fitted and the system is then re-gased with the correct amount of gas and oil as per your manufacturers recommendation. 
Keep your vehicle cool and fuel efficient 
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