ALL TRANS SELF DRIVE GUIDE TO RENTING A VEHICLE  If you are renting a van for the first time from us, whether for UK use or European use, it can be confusing. We have put together the different options, cover and liabilities you will have as the hirer.  

Basic Rental Charge 
This is the term used to describe the cost of renting the vehicle. This excludes collision damage waiver, Windscreen waiver, fuel. This cost does include VAT and insurance at All Trans Self Drive 
Our Insurance 
Fully comprehensive insurance is included in the basic rental charge for persons aged between 21 and 70. There will be an excess with this charge which will be advised at the time of the booking or hire. The insurance does not cover windscreens, tyres or overhead damage to the rental vehicle. Parking charges, congestion charges or road traffic offenses. 
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) 
We offer you the option of reducing the insurance excess from £500.00 to £175.00. The cost of this will be £8.00 per day. Persons under the age of 25 are not permitted to reduce the excess. 
There is the option of taking out windscreen and tyre damage cover for a fee of £5.00 per Day 
Your Insurance - Fleet policies only 
If you have not purchased any of our Fully comprehensive Insurance and you are covered by your company’s fleet insurance policy then your company is 
responsible for the cost of such insurance and for any excess that may apply to it. The insurance cover provided under such a fleet policy must be fully comprehensive insurance without restriction or excess (or equivalent) and be effective from the start of your Hire period to the end of the Hire Period or the inspection and permanent return to us of both the Vehicle and its key and any accessories (when responsibility for the Vehicle will 
pass back to us). 
We reserve the right to ask you for satisfactory proof of your fleet insurance before we let you have a Vehicle. If you become aware of any changes in your fleet insurance cover during the Hire Period you must notify us immediately. 
It is your responsibility to ensure that your fleet insurance complies with these requirements. You are responsible for and will pay to us all of the losses and damages that we may reasonably incur or suffer in the event that any fleet insurance provided by you fails to be effective or satisfactory. 
Additional Driver Charge 
The basic rental charge covers the vehicle for one driver. If you require an additional driver there is a charge of £5.00 per hire 
At All Trans Self Drive there is no mileage charge. We will record the mileage for our own maintenance purposes. 
Insurance Excess 
This is the amount that you are liable for in the event you cause damage to our rental vehicle whilst on hire to you. If the excess is £500, then you will be liable for the first £500 of damage to your vehicle, howsoever caused. 
The hirer is responsible for the fuel used in the vehicle. All our vehicles are hired with a full tank of fuel and it is expected it will be returned with a full tank of fuel. Failure to do so will result in us re-fuelling the vehicle, charging you for the fuel plus an admin fee of £10 
At All Trans Self Drive we take a deposit of £150.00. 
Cancellation Policy 
Vehicle hires can be cancelled without charge by giving a minimum of 48 hours' notice.  
Cancellations with less than 48 hours' notice will incur a charge of half the hire vehicle rental unless we are able to book the vehicle to another party.  
If you fail to collect the vehicle without cancelling it we will charge the full vehicle rental. 
Choosing the right vehicle 
We offer 4 sizes of vans at All Trans Self Drive. Click here to read more... We are able to give you dimensions of the internal load area which will help you to choose the right vehicle for your needs. If you are not sure by all means visit our premises and look at the different sizes for yourself. We offer vehicles with tow bars, provided your driving licence categories permit you to tow. We will provide you with a spare number plate for your hire free of charge, provided it is returned to us in the same condition as you received it. 
Reserving your vehicle 
When reserving your vehicle you will be asked to give the following information; 
Name, Address, Telephone number. 
Debit or credit card number 
Documents required 
When hiring a vehicle from All Trans Self Drive there are certain documents required by the insurance company you are responsible to show; 
Proof of address –Utility bill/bank statement 
Proof of signature – credit/debit card or passport, 
Proof of new address, if moving – rental agreement or solicitors letter, confirmation from an estate agent or mortgage agreement 
Photocard Driving Licence 
Proof of current address – Utility Bill Dated within 3 months 
Proof of signature – Debit/Credit card or passport 
NI Number 
Proof of new address, if moving, – Rental agreement or solicitors letter, confirmation from an estate agent or mortgage agreement 
If the driver has any endorsements other than 3 points for speeding it is advisable to notify us prior to the hire. This will give us time to refer it to the underwriters if required 
Failure to provide the documentation required will result in the vehicle not being hired to you. 
Going abroad 
When going abroad there are a few differences in the hire; 
There is no facility to reduce the excess when taking a vehicle abroad. Excess is a compulsory £500 with a deposit of £500. This can be pre-paid on a debit /credit card. 
Insurance is fully comprehensive as per UK hire 
The documents required are as per UK hire; however you will be asked to provide proof of European Breakdown Cover, with repatriation to the UK. Our RAC cover does not extend to overseas and the hirer is required to buy European breakdown cover. The insurance document is required at the time of the hire and we will take a copy for our records. 
Equipment required 
You are required by law to carry certain items when travelling to Europe. We are able to hire these items to you in full or part. 
Full EU kit – Includes; First aid kit, Warning triangle, Hivis Vest, Breathalyser kits.£20 deposit, £10 refunded if no item is used or opened 
Breathalyser kit required in France – Deposit of £10.00, £5.00 refunded if not used or opened 
Collecting your vehicle 
When the vehicle was booked you would have been given a collection time and date. It is very important to us at All Trans Self Drive you arrive as close to that time as possible. This enables us to get the paperwork completed and you away in the vehicle as quickly as possible. 
You will be asked to; 
Provide all the documentation as stipulated above. 
Sign the rental agreement 
Carry out a damage check on the vehicle 
Pay for the hire of the vehicle along with the deposit 
Rental agreement 
The rental agreement is a detailed contract between you and the rental company. It is recommended you read the terms and conditions of the agreement, which are on the reverse of the rental agreement. We are unable to change the terms and conditions even if you were unhappy with them. The terms and conditions are set out by the insurance company. If you would like to read the terms and conditions in full we will be happy to give you a copy prior to your hire. There is a section on the rental agreement which the driver must sign. This is a statement of liability; this means the driver is responsible for any parking offences, Congestion charges or road traffic offenses. As the hirer, you will be responsible for any unpaid charges. When we receive the paperwork we will pay the fine and charge it to you along with an administration fee. Speeding fines will be forwarded to you 
Carrying out a damage check on the vehicle 
At all Trans Self Drive you will be asked to complete a damage check on the vehicle you are renting prior to taking the vehicle away. We will show you the controls and how everything works; we will check the fuel with you and take a note of the mileage; you will then be given a damage check sheet. It is important you check the vehicle over thoroughly to make sure any damage is marked on the sheet. Any damage not marked on the sheet will be your responsibility and you will be required to pay for that damage in full up to your chosen excess. 
Our damage check sheet is comprehensive and gives you every opportunity to mark all the damage down. Particular attention needs to be made to; 
Windscreen chips 
Dents in the body work 
Scuffed bumpers 
Wheel trims 
Wing mirrors 
A copy of the damage check sheet will be given to you and we will keep a copy. It is important you return your copy at the end of the hire, 
Paying for your vehicle 
You will be asked to pay for your rental in full at the start of the hire. We will ask you to leave the deposit to cover any end of hire damage or re-fuelling charges. 
Breakdown and accident procedures 
All of our vehicles are covered by the RAC, the telephone number and policy numbers are located in the windscreen on an RAC card. In the event of a breakdown, by all means call us first if we are open, best practice is to call the RAC. They are authorised to carry out minor repairs on our behalf at the side of the road. If you fail to call out the RAC and decide to carry out repairs yourself there will be no refund of any parts etc. In the event you run the vehicle out of fuel, lose the keys or flatten the battery due to using the tail lift without the engine running you will be charged for the call out, any parts and time spent getting the vehicle running again. If you are involved in an accident during the hire of one of our vehicles, whether your fault or not please obtain the third party details along with their insurance details and the vehicle details. Failure to do so may result in you being charged your excess. Ensure you report the accident to us, you will be asked to make a statement with a diagram of the event. If the accident was your fault your excess will be forfeited. 
Returning your vehicle 
On return of your vehicle, we will check the vehicle over to ensure no damage has occurred during your hire period. We will check the fuel to ensure you have re-fuelled the vehicle. If your vehicle is not re-fuelled we will give you the opportunity to re-fuel it yourself; failure to do so will result in you being charged for the fuel along with an admin fee of £10 
Penalty Charge Notices; 
London Congestion Charges; 
If you drive into London with a vehicle rented from All Trans Autos Ltd or a courtesy vehicle and you go inside the congestion Zone. The congestion charge is payable by the hirer. Current tariffs and how to pay the charge go to 
Failure to pay the congestion at the time of entering the congestion zone will incur a penalty by TFL for late payment and an administration charge of £20.00 by All Trans Autos Ltd. 
Please remember to pay the charge on the day it is cheaper. 
Dart Charge; 
If you cross the Dartford Bridge or use the Dartford Tunnel a charge is payable by the hirer. The Dart Charge tariffs and how to pay are available at 
Failure to pay the dart charge at the time of crossing or within the allotted time period will incur a penalty charge and an Administration fee of £20.00 from All Trans Autos Ltd. 
Please remember to pay the charge on the day in this circumstance. 
Penalty Charge Notice 
If whilst driving you break traffic rules, for example drive in a bus lane or enter a yellow box when the exit is not clear. A Penalty Charge Notice will be issued, this will incur a penalty charge by the local highways agency and a £20.00 additional administration fee by All Trans Autos Ltd. 
Parking Fines; 
If a parking ticket is received by All Trans Autos Ltd, we will disclose the hirers/drivers details to issuing authority and charge you a £20.00 administration fee. 
Speeding Fine; 
If a speeding fine is received by All Trans Autos Ltd, we will disclose the hirers/drivers details to the issuing authority and charge you a £20.00 administration fee. 
The same applies for any traffic, parking or penalty charge notice. 
Resolving complaints 
We do everything possible to ensure your hire is as straight forward as possible. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our company in any way, we would ask you to put your complaint in writing within 5 days of the end of your hire. 


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